Rihanna: “Biće problema ako naletim na nekog ko ne voli Adele”

Rihanna: “Biće problema ako naletim na nekog ko ne voli Adele”


Rihanna je veliki obožavalac britanske pevačice i kaže da će ozbiljno popričati sa svakim kome se Adele uopšte ne dopada.


Govoreći za magazin OK!, RiRi se našalila rekavši: “Pa, kome se još ne sviđa Adele? Iskreno, ako pronađem nekoga kome se ona ne dopada, biće problema. Ja to shvatam vrlo lično!” Ovo nije prvi put da Rihanna priznaje koliko obožava Adele, ali je istakla i da više ne sluša album “21” jer joj je previše depresivan.


  1. ajde sad svi da ne volimo adele pa da dodje riana u beograd da ‘poprica sa nama’ !!!! XD XD XD salim se,obe ih obozavam! :-D

  2. Rihanna talks that talk overload


    Welcome Rihanna the movie star. The Love The Way You Lie hitmaker is now officially an actress. She made her acting debut in the now showing, big-budgeted war picture Battleship with Liam Neeson and Taylor Kitsch. And it is great to know that she is taking this new part of her career seriously. Proof is she ditched her usual glamorous image to play an FBI agent assigned as a spy in the Battleship. Rihanna wears fatigues, shoots guns and has been actively promoting the picture.

    I hear lots of complaints. Why watch Rihanna on IMAX, many times bigger than real life, fighting aliens in a battleship? I say yes, because the movie is quite entertaining and I would much rather have Rihanna debut in Battleship than in something like Mariah Carey’s ill-fated Glitter. Check out her videos if you wish to see the beautiful Rihanna or surf the Internet for her pics. Besides, who knows, now that Battleship is a box-office hit, a sexy and glamorous role for Rihanna in a movie might come sooner than you think.

    Now as for her latest CD release, why get another copy of Talk That Talk when you already have one from last year? Because it is the new De Luxe version with four additional cuts and lots of pictures. Everybody by now must already have an idea of what Rihanna photos usually look like. They are very sexy. In fact, they can be too sexy for comfort. Guys think they are precious and girls are left wondering how this young girl from the Barbados got to look like that. She simply grew with that face and extraordinary figure. Of course, she can also sing and dance and write songs.

    Talk That Talk is a typical Rihanna album. It is mainly dance music with one or two ballads. As in the case of Madonna and Beyoncé and other dance/hip-hop divas, it is the ballads that stand out because it is always a surprise that they can sound so good. I guess this is because the other songs are full of studio gimmicks that push the singer into the background. Not so with the ballads and it is during these times that their voices shine. And Rihanna can really sing. She has this expressive voice that is sweet and sexy but also filled with so much pain. Think California King Bed from Loud. That song in Talk That Talk is the soulful Farewell.

    But of course, a Rihanna album is mainly about the beat and this one has a varied line-up of pretty good ones. It has funk, R&B, dance and even good old pop are all here. You can use the CD to party, work out or just chill out. The lyrics and the themes do get to be repetitive at times but why listen to Rihanna if life’s meaning is what you are looking for? This is really all about having a good time, fun, edgy, sexy with an occasional painful jab.

    Talk That Talk with the incredible Jay-Z is the best of the lot. Then there are You Da One, Birthday Cake, Cockiness (Love It), Watch ‘N’ Learn, Where Have You Been, We Found Love, Roc Me Out, We All Want Love, Drunk On Love, Red Lipstick, Do Ya Thang and Fool In Love.

    Back to Rihanna’s California King Bed. The lovely ballad is one of the cuts in the compilation album The Hottest Hits Ever featuring 20 current favorites by all original artists for only P395. This is a great way to get copies of all the hits without busting your budget. Needless to say, it also keeps out the songs you do not like. You do not have to listen to the entire CD by one particular artist.

  3. Rijana lepo je sve to,ali malo smara ;) Volim ja Adel i njen glas (tačnije glaščinu) :)  
    P.s. Misliš da bi Adel uradila isto i za tebe? ♥


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