Katy Perry ponudila da otpeva pesmu Justina Biebera, publika je izviždala

Katy Perry ponudila da otpeva pesmu Justina Biebera, publika je izviždala


Publika na koncertu nije dozvolila pevačici da otpeva jednu Justinovu pesmu.

Katy je imala koncert u Londonu u petak, a za vreme njega upitala je publiku da li žele da im ona otpeva jednu pesmu 17-togodišnjeg pevača.

Prema pisanju britanskog časopisa Mirror, publika je toliko glasno negodovala, da je pevačica morala da ga brani rečima:”Justin je moj i Russellov usvojeni sin. Jako ga volimo. Nemojte da mu zviždite ljudi”.


  1. Justin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette attempted suicide
    by DAISY on MARCH 22, 2011 · 0 COMMENTS
    At seventeen, Justin Bieber lives a life that most people dream about but never achieve. Yet behind his success and present happiness lies a dark
    secret from his far distant past. That secret is comprised of events that happened before the teen dream was even born, and if the most dramatic
    and potentially tragic of those events had actually come to pass, then his current phenomenal success would never have happened. In fact, he would
    never have been born.
    According to The National Enquirer, Justin Bieber’s mother once lived an existence that was the diametric opposite of
    her now perfect life. In fact, Pattie Mallette’s circumstances were so dire and her life so seemingly hopeless that she
    actually once attempted suicide.
    As a child, Mallette was sexually abused on a regular basis between the ages of 5 and 10. She never told anyone about
    the abuse. Instead she began to numb her pain with alcohol and drugs. At the age of 15, she ran away from home and
    took up with a group of older men.
    “I just lived a life of sin, drugs and alcohol constantly and parties constantly and not going to school and stealing,” she
    confessed in an interview on Canadian television. “I was pretty much high or drunk from the time I woke up to the time I
    went to bed.” Finally, unable to bear her sordid existence, she tried to commit suicide by running in front of a car in the
    middle of busy traffic.
    “I was depressed and angry and just snapped one day,” she mused. “I said, ‘I want to die,’ and I wanted to find the quickest way possible.”
    Fortunately, the driver was able to swerve to avoid her. And just a year later, she became pregnant with the baby boy who would grow up to become a

  2. been seeing some of the
    fans around the Uk and
    missing others. love u all.
    great team dinner. we
    impersonated eachother.
    @officialjaden was the best.
    gonna go have some fun
    WOW!! #NEXT2YOU with
    @chrisbrown is already #20
    LEGGO!! link to bit.ly
    I’m pessssst I got second in
    formula 1 racing! But I did
    have the best lap like a
    beast. If you aint 1st ur
    last! Ricky Bobby Inc.

    ovo je jb na twitteru pisao……

  3. A da te pitam jel ti sada lakse . . . ?? ako jeste drago mi je spreman si za cikice u belom. . .

  4. Ne smes misliti na takwe stwari jos si mali, ali narawno mozes ih zamisljati nemoj da se uzbudis prewise ali twoji problemi u mozgu i psihi postaju swe weci. . . zao mi te je. . . sada umisljas neka crewa u basti, jel imas tenp?

  5. Nabicu vas obe na kurac i spaliti vas…djubrad jedna…daske jedne usrane…………… govna jedna PIČKE PIČKE OLINJALE DEBILNE SLUZAVE USRANE SLINAVE GOVNAVE ĐUBRASTE

  6. Wow konacno widim napredak u njegowom zdrawlju, naucio je neke pridewe. . . kada kreces u prwi razr, jos si mali nemoj misliti na takwe stwari. . .


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